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The creator of InspirioStudio, Robin Black, can't remember a time when she wasn't an artist. When she was about five years old, she begged her Granddaddy to buy her a watercolor set she had seen at the grocery store. Of course, he came home with it the next day, and she hasn't stopped creating since. Growing up in a small town didn't afford much public art education, but Robin was blessed with a mother who believed in her talent and who for years sent her to private art classes. 


In college, Robin was discouraged from the realism style that she loved, the instructors believing it to be "cornball, calendar art." That attitude pushed her toward graphic design and she graduated with a BFA from Parsons School of Design in New York City, eventually specializing in book and magazine design.


Several years ago, she stumbled across a mixed-media painting by Kelly Rae Roberts that encouraged the viewer to "Follow Your Whispers". It stirred something in her spirit, reigniting her desire to paint again.


Robin now creates mixed-media paintings inspired by life's little joys using collage and acrylic paint, incorporating Scripture or inspiring quotes that show God's love through nature's beauty. The Master Creator gave us a world shining with His glory—brilliant colors and endless varieties of fascinating designs in both creatures and plants. Robin especially loves the amazing varieties of birds and flowers.

For Robin, design is a lifestyle and a love, not just a job. So when she’s not at her Inspirio Studio desk, she’s still creating and designing everything from copper and silver jewelry, to knitted works, and a life that includes her other loves of reading and sharing beautiful North Carolina with her husband Keven, family, friends, and four-legged fur babe Bella.

Robin's heart's desire is to uplift, to inspire, and to lead others closer to the Master Creator through her art. She welcomes your visit at Inspirio Studio!

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