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Bella and Skankie

Our rescue dog, Bella, is a mix of cocker spaniel and King Charles Cavalier. Cocker spaniels were originally bred as hunting dogs, and Bella is a living example of that heritage. On our frequent walks, she diligently sniffs every blade of grass, discerning every animal smell, trying to give chase to any breathing animal that crosses her path.

Several skinks live around our house and they drive Bella crazy, slithering into any tiny crack to hide. Her tail wags furiously during these encounters, so I think she really just wants to play. Outside, I always have her on a leash, so her ability to chase is limited.

Several days ago, Bella gave chase to a Skankie, as we call them, and she managed to pull his tail off before I could drag her away. The tail frantically jumped and wriggled, distracting Bella and allowing Skankie to hide. At first, I was horrified, sure she had killed the poor creature. Later, hubby told me that some lizards can grow new tails. Turns out, skinks can release their tails as distracting mechanisms, allowing them to escape more permanent harm, and they can regenerate a new tail in 3-4 months’ time. Aren’t God’s designs amazing?

#cocker spaniel, #skink, #natureencounters
Obviously, not a photo of the actual encounter! I just wasn't fast enough with my camera.

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